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Recording Adele live at the BBC (2007)

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This is one of my fondest memories of working at the BBC.

I was working with one of the best BBC engineers, Mike Walter as we recorded Adele on the 9th December, 2007 in the BBC Maida Vale studio 3 (the one with the Bing Crosby plaque) for the Simon Mayo Show.

I remember her being utterly professional and not afraid to say what she thought! (in a good way!) after all, it was her career and reputation on the line and if something wasn’t quite right for her then she would say. Thankfully, she was happy with what Mike and I were doing but the monitor engineer needed some “guidance” shall we say!

I found this clip on YouTube of the (audio only) gig, so you can have a little listen to the fruits of our labour and the great woman herself.

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