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Online Mastering

Professional mastering for When you want an “album” – not a bunch of mixes

Here's what I do when mastering Music:

I take this...

and turn it into this...

"There aren't a lot of mastering engineers accessible at this level who will provide a full and constructive critique of your mix/audio prior to supplying final masters. Will defo use again."

Let me help you

  • Turn a dull mix into a clear mix
  • Go from sounding like an average demo to a broadcast quality hit
  • Hear the night and day transformation
  • Bring separation to the instruments and vocals
  • Mixes that jump out of the speakers
  • Have an album, not a bunch of mismatched mixes
  • Free mix feedback with no obligation to buy
  • Have a professional master that’s suitable for any release format

My mastering clients

Current releases from some of my online mastering clients

Sad Lovers & Giants

Mission Creep


Heart Of A Lion

Birdland Avenue

Come Around



What it's like to work with me

1st class client experience

I want you enjoy the online mastering process and have an experience that's hassle-free. Years in the service industry means customer care is baked into how I work.

Quick communicator

Right from the start of the mastering process you'll know when and how to contact me for a quick response.

Patient and focused

This should be fun, right? I'm easy going and fun to work with yet never take my eye off the ball and won't stop until you're 100% happy. Just read my reviews.

I actually care about the project

You're passionate about your music and I respect that. Respect and diligence are two of my most important values. I want you to love the result or I'm not finished.

Honouring the timeline and budget

I always deliver mixing and mastering projects on time without unexpected extra fees. You'll get a fixed price at the start of the project that won't change unless your needs do. Then we'll talk.

What is online mastering?

Working on your final stereo mix, online mastering adds the final polish and sheen to your track, making it sound louder and clearer, ready for releasing out into the world on any format. No algorithms, just using my ears.

Bringing your songs to life

Here are some of the many creative and technical techniques I use when mastering to get the best out of your mixes, giving your song clarity, impact and excitement. 


Corrects any muddy frequencies or overly bright tones. Creates separation between instruments. Also helps elements cut through the mix.


Controls the loudest and quietest parts of your mix. It keeps louder signals in check while bringing up quieter parts. It can also bring more attack or smooth out sharp transients.


Sending a reference track helps me understand how you want your mixes to sound. I'm able to critically listen to commercial recordings to bring similar tonal qualities and effects to your mix.


Tastefully using compression, clipping and limiting to make your track competitively loud without sacrificing all the dynamics of the mix

Distortion & Saturation

Similar to EQ in some ways, making elements sit into, or jump out of a mix by adding harmonic complexity.

Multiband Compression

Used only where needed to control elements in the mix that might sound too prominent or harsh.

What bands say about me...

Quote source: Google reviews for Music Mix Pro

record producer Warren Huart
The Fray | Aerosmith | Korn | Daniel Powter | James Blunt

"Sara's talent and dedication shines through in all of her work. Not only is she a great Mix Engineer and Mastering Engineer, her willingness give back and help others grow is immense!"

Warren Huart
Multi Platinum Producer
September 6th , 2018

Do you usually master your own mixes?

Getting professional demos recorded and mixed is one of the biggest challenges up and coming bands face and mixing isn’t easy.

Maybe this sounds familiar…

  • I can't get the mix loud enough without it distorting
  • Everything just sounds like mush
  • I haven't got time to learn how to master music properly
  • The mix falls apart after I've mastered it
  • It sounds distorted after uploading to Spotify/ You Tube/ etc.

Let me help you get the sound you want by giving you more time to do what you love; write great songs and promote your band.

Get Your Free Mastering Sample And Price Quote

To help you decide if my music mastering service is the right one for you, I’ll send you a free mastered sample of your song. 

You can hear for yourself the difference it makes to your own music rather than some random before and after examples.

  1. Download my free guidebook on preparing your mix for mastering here.
  2. Click the upload button to send me your stereo mix WAV file (not mp3).
  3. email me with your name and where to send the mastering sample – I won’t know where to send it if you don’t!

Online Mastering Process

1. Buy & Send

Click the orange Get Your Quote button above to tell me how many songs you'd like mastered. I'll send you a quote within 24hrs and an invoice. Once paid, I'll send an upload link for your files.

2. Master & Revisions

Once I receive your files I'll get started straight away. I'll send you a test master for your approval and we can make as many changes as you like until you're 100% happy. Mastering has unlimited revisions.

3. Delivery & Release

When the mastering is complete and you've approved all the songs I'll deliver all the file formats you've requested in a neat zip folder with your metadata embedded and ready for release!

Free Download

free guide!

Grab my free ebook and learn how to prepare your mix for mastering and not get caught out by extra fees!

female rock vocalist angie joseph for october rain mixed by sara carter

Sara is very professional and she has made an amazing job! I was a little bit scared to work distance but she has been there to reassure me. She works methodically, and it’s very effective! She has made propositions and at the end, I’ve got an amazing EP, with an amazing sound! Thank you Sara, hope to work with you again 😉

Angie Joseph

October Rain | Paris, France

Online mastering projects include:

  • Help to prepare your files for mastering
  • Fast turnaround
  • 16-bit 44.1k high-resolution masters
  • Great communication
  • Unlimited revisions
  • 100% satisfaction
  • Increased loudness optimised for streaming
  • Metadata embedded inc artwork
  • Pre-project discovery call on Zoom for albums & EP's
  • Choice of discounted optional extra packages
wistful sleepers band mix engineer sara carter

Sara is a wonderful mixing and mastering engineer. She demystifies all aspects of the process in a clear, thorough, and professional manner. Furthermore she listens to every request one can make and isn’t finished until you’re completely satisfied with the result. Sara is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with her again!

Juan Z

My Mission Statement

To always respect the song and the artists vision. Take the time to understand that vision, then to mix or master with inspired action to bring a result that exceeds all expectations

It's easy to prepare your mix for mastering

I’d like your final mix prepared in a way that makes it easy for me to work fast and get the project finished as quickly as possible.
Here’s how I’d like your files prepared:
  • Stereo WAV or AIFF files – not mp3
  • Mixes with around 4-6db headroom at least
  • Mix bus limiting switched off
  • The correctly spelled metadata in a text doc or email
  • A reference track suggestion you think sounds great. E.g. a YouTube or Spotify link
You can send one or all of your songs, just tell me which one you’d like me to master first.

Create a zipped folder and send me your files using We Transfer or I can give you an upload link to my pCloud account.

I’ll be in touch if I have any issues with the tracks when I begin mastering.

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