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WAIT! How Will You Know When Your Next Mix Is Ready For Mastering?

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With my free ebook you’ll learn the 7 steps that you need to implement before booking a mastering engineer. 

Not only will this guide save you time and moneyit will make your Mastering Engineer think you’re super switched on and they’ll wish all their clients were just like you!!

Go into the mastering stage of your next release with your eyes wide open and no nasty surprises!

Learn how to:

  • Ask the right questions to make sure you don't waste time or money
  • Choose the best file formats for your needs, even ones you didn't think you needed
  • Prepare your premaster files with confidence
  • Prepare song metadata and get ISRC codes for royalty payments
  • and plenty more besides...!

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"Not only is she a great mixing and mastering engineer, her approach to music and dedication to others are remarkable"
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"When I received the first completed files back I literally could not believe how amazing it sounded. While our mix had been of very high quality to begin with, Sara's work completely convinced me how essential it is to having a dedicated mastering engineer for your project..."
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