How To Create Clarity And Separation In A Mix
how to clean up a muddy mix

How To Create Clarity And Separation In A Mix

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Creating clarity and separation is crucial if you want a mix that sounds professional.

When your mixes aren’t sounding quite as you’d hoped, maybe they sound muddy, or flat and congested, then, they are not going to sound like a professional mix.

They’re going to be difficult to get loud when they are mastered and they will be the source of disappointment, frustration and maybe even embarrassment when you publish it and share it out to your fans.

There are a few ways to tackle this problem:

  • Acoustic treatment in your room
  • Room correction software
  • Song arrangement
  • Pre-production planning
  • Mix levels and panning
  • Equalization techniques

That’s quite an extensive list that we can look at in subsequent blog posts but in this video, I’m starting with EQ and I want to show you one easy EQ method you can use to create more clarity and separation in your mixes and clean up those muddy mixes.

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