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When we work together, you’ll get human-crafted music mixed and mastered to connect with other humans, no robots or plugin presets here!

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Get a quotation for my mixing and mastering services by filling out this form. I’ll reply within 24 hrs with a proposal detailing what you can expect from me, how much it’ll cost and what to do next. Use this form for mixing and mastering projects or mastering only projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How much will you charge to mix my music?

Every song and every project is different and price depends on all sorts of factors regarding the session and song count. Get in touch using the form above and I’ll give you a price for my mixing and mastering services based on your needs. If you give me your budget and I’ll always try to accommodate. 

Is mastering included in your mixing price?

Because of the way I set up my mix sessions, you’ll automatically get a mastered version of your mix ready for publishing, with the metadata. If you want a more detailed master with mastering revisions then that is an extra charge. Get in touch for a quote.

Will you edit my tracks?

Editing isn’t part of the mixing process so no, I won’t edit your tracks. This should done by your tracking engineer or producer. If you require this service then I can arrange this at an extra charge.

Will you tune my vocals?

Again, like editing, tuning isn’t part of the mixing process and you should have your tracking engineer or producer do this for you. If you need this service, I can offer it for an extra charge.

How quickly can you do my mix/ master?

I have a quick turnaround policy as standard which normally means a single mix gets done in a 2-3 days and a master done in 1-2 days. It really depends on the project and my work load so just get in touch and ask.

How do I send my mix files to you?

I recommend or Dropbox for files under 2Gb. Alternatively, for larger files, I can send you an upload link to my personal cloud or use Consolidate and export your wav files, zip them up in a folder and send. If you’re not sure how to do this, get in touch.

Where can I hear your work?

There are examples of my work on my online mixing and mastering pages. I also have a Soundcloud profile that showcases more of my mixing. I’ve got work on commercial major releases that you can find detailed on the home page.

Can you listen to my track to see if it's ok before I commit?

Yes, no problem! Just get in touch and explain any areas of concern you have and I’ll take a listen. I’ll let you know where I think you could change things up or help with recording advice

Free Mix Feedback

I love helping people get better at mixing and although I’m still learning with every mix, I’m happy to help you get better results by listening to your track and giving it an honest appraisal.

I started mixing over twenty years ago. I started before the internet and online forums so, I learned initially through trial and error and it was a slow process!

Let’s fast track your learning by sending me your mix for some honest feedback.

Send your mix to [email protected] using and include a message that outlines the mix struggles you have and any questions about mixing.

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