5 Common Mixing Mistakes And How You Can Fix Them

5 Common Mixing Mistakes and How To Fix Them

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Mistakes are a good thing, it’s how we learn.

I’m all for mistakes! Ones that you can better yourself by, ones that make you a better human in some way.

That’s why I love to listen to other mixes, so I can get better at what I do and that’s why I offer free mix feedback, so I can help other music producers, home studio musicians, mix engineers… whatever you call yourself.

I’ve listened to a lot of mixes over the years and I like to think I can tell a pro mix from an amateur mix but not only that, I have some solutions that might help those who are struggling to get the professional sound they’re after.

I’ve put together this video, to go over some of the most common mixing mistakes that I see along with my solutions to help you banish these mixing mistakes from your home studio mixes forever and move into the next phase of your audio learning.

Here’s what I cover in the video:

  1. Not having a plan
  2. Using the wrong (or too much) reverb
  3. EQing in solo much too often
  4. Not referencing your mix to commercial music
  5. Not checking your mix on different devices

Can you identify with any of those? Then let me help!

For further help extinguish some other bad habits you may have picked up, click here and check out my FREE download: 9 Pro Mixing Habits That Will Set You Up For Success!

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