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Best Mixing and Mastering Plugins (2020)

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Best Mixing and Mastering Plugins (2020)

Where would we be without a good DAW and great plugins?

Bored, probably! Haha!

Well, here I’m covering my top 10 plugins for mixing and mastering for beginners at music mixing in 2020.

Mixing and mastering music can be fantastically rewarding and having a good set of basic plugins to call on makes mixing and mastering music so much more fun when you can quickly get the best sounds for your mix with the minimum fuss.

Being able to mix faster also builds up your confidence as a mix engineer and that, in turn, helps you mix even faster! It’s a win win!!

So what are the best plugins for mixing and mastering?

This is a video of some of the 3rd party audio plugins I’m using at the moment on every mix I do. I choose to use them because they are simply laid out, intuitive, as well as consistently giving me great results when I apply them.

So, I’m recommending my best mixing and mastering plugin choices to use along with your built in DAW plugins to expand your plugin collection to give you a few more options to create some unique and awesome sounds in your mixes.

That’s not to say you need them to make great sounding mixes, it’s just that they will give you a few extra tools to try for speed, creativity and inspiration.

Now, watch the video, hit the like button then go mix some awesome music!

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